By working TOGETHER .. we CAN SOLVE even our biggest problems

New Systems for transforming our collapsing Societal Health

New Systems for transforming our collapsing Societal Health

New Systems for transforming our collapsing Societal HealthNew Systems for transforming our collapsing Societal Health
To solve problems we need to be calm first.

the first "system"?

With so much to think and worry about, perhaps the first way to cope with our many looming problems is to FOCUS only on the good side. Everything seems to have positive and negative. If we control our mind to see more of the positive, that alone will help make life better.

THE Final System .. building local Societal health Centres.


We start as a Digital Community .. but as our Systems create profit, we build REAL LOCAL GATHERING SPACES. "REVERSE WORLD" will be the Education, Health and Career Training local spot everyone wants to be a member of .. including our "Sponsor" Partner CLIENTS who pay us.

sorry! .. must add proper "blueprint" sketch. The middle of the U is "GREENERY" by Freight Farms. It grows 80x the produce of a garden, eliminating the food deserts that cause poor African American health! One side is "SIMPLE store and SIMPLE cafe", the other is Health Library, with a second portable or container on top, as Education / Career Training area. 

To begin these "POP UPs" are on an empty city lots in a disadvantaged areas. But once NYC sees our "Systems" functioning with success, we will build a full neighbourhood community on De-commissioned Rikers Island. We can even create work for some of the Inmate's or ex offenders. But we have to hurry up since I am OLD, (you can't have my brilliant vision available much longer, so let's AT LEAST get a Template running.) 

Imagine the above Pop Up with the centre part as community "porch" for gathering neighbours .. a Community that when REPLICATED will create a better world for all. (Kind of like open source computer programs?) We are actually Robin Hood .. but the Fortune 500 will WANT (beg) to be with us! Getting the first few KIND and truly DECENT big Corporations on board will be hard. We have MANY ways to create revenue (see below) with products and services they WANT. We are NOT a non profit. We will be VERY profitable because of high margins on monthly licensing of ART TV (TURTLE TV) produced by PTSD Veterans. 

Most of this income goes to building these Community Health and Career Training Locations, after the Founders operations and debts are paid.

But the Final Mission can only succeed, if we ALL work together!

We have become so divided in every way, society really WILL collapse. While we fight 2 extremes of everything .. black/white, immigrant/ birth citizen, male/ female, gay/ straight our boat is sinking! Would it maybe be smart to BAIL TOGETHER? Considering all the many problems we are facing our divisiveness is shocking.

We are all the same .. but different, special. Instead of using our special skills and talents for the common good we have turned into self absorbed monsters. Some of us are just monsters because we are working 24/7 but still cannot pay our rent PLUS eat. But too many are shallow, self absorbed "me first screw you" monsters. Sorry until you wake up we do not want you on our Island. This "island" works together for the greater good of all not the "special" one

Our Societal health Education "Reverse world" is funded by..


The "Gift of Calm" ART TV monthly Public License

OOH or Digital Signage screens still have no content, other than a few photos, branding or advertising. We are going to produce a new type of screen use. "Turtle TV" is beautiful Art photo stories, in a secret formula for  stress reduction. Viewers see a 2 minute vacation of calming beauty instead of the  traditional framed ART as they wait for services in a lobby or wait line.

Total Health Subscription Membership

HR Depts pay the 5$ monthly TOTAL HEALTH Subscription. If TD Bank is our partner and they have 85,000 employees, even DISCOUNTED that is a lot of income for us MONTHLY!

Patriotic National Project SPONSOR $$$

 Monthly license for Turtle "TV", especially branded "TV"is lucrative. But it pales in comparison to the sponsor revenue we will obtain with our Patriotic National Project. If we get PTS(D) Disabled Veterans to find local beauty in their community, the search for the images, soothes their anxiety. Once they produce their ART stories for public screen viewing local pride is created in the area. More importantly their is a feeling of connection. Local business screens create a career for the Veteran and it becomes a connecting point for the neighbourhood. Nationally we have a USA TV network, also connecting the country for doing GOOD. Fortune 500's license of the Turtle TV network for their buildings let's them tale credit for doing good as a connecting leader. With a country too divided to be sustainable, Turtle TV can begin to bring us together in a mission we all share .. improving the Health of our society.






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Community Education and Training Locations ..

 .. include Resource Management Education, Career Training and REAL Health not "care" .

  • these pop ups consist of 2  cargo containers or (class room portables), with a linking  Freight Farm (Leafy Green Machine)
  • as the locations value is proven to the neighbourhood, it becomes a permanent structure.
  • the 3 containers form a "U" the middle of which isn community gathering space.
  • one side of the "U linked containers"  holds Cafe Simple and shop selling the greens of the LGM affordably for the "Food desert" community in which it is located.
  • each Prototype Template will be replicated building on what was learned in the previous area.
  • Partner Cities  will find their disadvantaged neighbourhood health improving. Not only is there access to fresh food instead of Kraft dinner, but there is education in the Health revolution that is happening, 
  • Cafe Simple includes easy affordable food choices that can be made quickly at home yet improving health